Kutless Christian Rock Music Group

Kutless Christian Rock Music Group was formed in the year 1999 in Portland. Since the time of their band formation, they have already released countless of studio albums as well as 1 live album. At present, they have already sold for more than three million records in all part of the world. This Christian music group is specializing in melodic kind of hard rock. Their name was taken from the verse in Romans 6:23 making their group to have a biblical name.

This group is consists of guitarists (James Mead and Nick Departee), vocalist (Jon Micah Sumrall), drums (Jeff Gilbert), bassist (Dave Luetkenhoelter). Their albums are released thru BEC recordings, this is a company owned by “Tooth and Nail Records”. This Christian music group was able to tour with prominent artists that adds to their popularity.

At present, Kutless

Best Christian Rap Artist?

Lecrae – Does He Deserve To Be Considered the Best Christian Rap Artist? 

If there is any contemporary Christian rap artists who has successfully transcended from the paradigm of typical Gospel rap orientation to the secular music scene, it is probably no other than Lecrae. Around the world, Lecrae (or Lecrae Devaughn Moore in full) is known to be a “Christian rap artist”. As one, he has been able to win dozens of awards and recognitions from multiple award-giving bodies in the music industry. The most recent, and perhaps the biggest, achievement that Lecrae has reached as a musician was when he won the “Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song” during the Grammy Awards. Aside from this prestigious award, he or his music is a constant chart-topper in the Billboard chart rankings and other music outlets.

Amidst all these however, there is has been a perennial question about the status of Lecrae, which up until this moment still remains unanswered. Does he really deserve to be considered the best Christian rap artist? If you will digest this question more intently, you will notice that it does not only question the personality of Lecrae as a rapper but also as a genuine Christian. (I actually had a debate with a Pearl City plumber about this)

There can be two different views about this. It can be viewed into two different spectra: (1) he being a rapper/musician and (2) he being a Christian rapper/musician. The insertion of the term Christian made a whole world of difference and questions about the way Lecrae delivers his art. 

Kirk Franklin Christian Music Artist

Kirk Franklin Music Artist Bio

Kirk Franklin Christian Music Artist is known to be one of the brightest stars in this present age for contemporary kind of gospel music since the released of his debut album last 1993. His album spent for 100 weeks in consideration to the gospel charts that crosses over in the R&B list. It is also became the first ever gospel debut album that obtain platinum. With this kind of phenomenal success, it is not a wonder why some people consider him to be the Garth Brooks of Gospel. And despite of all the brouhaha and adulation, Kirk Franklin remained to be humble devout Christian while eschewing the title of entertainer. This is in favor in labelling oneself as a church boy.

The road taken by Franklin in achieving the peak of his success though quick, it is not a smooth sailing. He was abandoned by his mother without even knowing his father. He was reared thru his Auntie who is a deeply religious woman. She raised Franklin in a strict Baptist way that hone the values of this man into a man of faith and skilful being especially in music that contributed to where he is now.

When Kirk Franklin was

Chris Tomlin Christian Music Artist

Chris Tomlin Artist Bio

A successful songwriter and singer who is considered to be one of the top artists in Contemporary Christian Music is hidden in the name Chris Tomlin. This talented man was able to launch an album in 2005 that already sold for more 500, 000 copies in different part of the world with his composed songs entitled, How Great is Our God and Holy is the Lord. These songs are simply the best and highly popular Contemporary Christian songs in all Christian churches during their worship services and even concerts of Christian activities or events.

Chris Tomlin Christian Music Artist grew up in listening to different country music and was able to learn playing guitar from his beloved father. When he reached the age of 9, he accepted Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior that leads him to use his talent to give honor to his God. With his great passion in serving God and skills as well, he was able to write a praise song at the age of 14.

As he grew older