Best Christian Rap Artist?

Lecrae – Does He Deserve To Be Considered the Best Christian Rap Artist? 

If there is any contemporary Christian rap artists who has successfully transcended from the paradigm of typical Gospel rap orientation to the secular music scene, it is probably no other than Lecrae. Around the world, Lecrae (or Lecrae Devaughn Moore in full) is known to be a “Christian rap artist”. As one, he has been able to win dozens of awards and recognitions from multiple award-giving bodies in the music industry. The most recent, and perhaps the biggest, achievement that Lecrae has reached as a musician was when he won the “Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song” during the Grammy Awards. Aside from this prestigious award, he or his music is a constant chart-topper in the Billboard chart rankings and other music outlets.

Amidst all these however, there is has been a perennial question about the status of Lecrae, which up until this moment still remains unanswered. Does he really deserve to be considered the best Christian rap artist? If you will digest this question more intently, you will notice that it does not only question the personality of Lecrae as a rapper but also as a genuine Christian. (I actually had a debate with a Pearl City plumber about this)

There can be two different views about this. It can be viewed into two different spectra: (1) he being a rapper/musician and (2) he being a Christian rapper/musician. The insertion of the term Christian made a whole world of difference and questions about the way Lecrae delivers his art. 

On the secular view:

Setting aside all the inclination of Lecrae to his Christian faith, it is safe to say that he is among the world’s finest rappers. Everyone knows that being nominated in the Grammy Awards is a dream that most musicians can’t see possible. This makes it even impossible to win the award. However, Lecrae proved that he is indeed one of the best rappers as he was nominated in the Grammy Awards thrice, and winning the last. His albums always have the top spots in the Billboard 200 and his music stories are constant contents of biggest magazines across and outside the United States. Without a doubt, Lecrae is among the best rappers on the secular note.

On the Christian view:

Bing a rapper many not be easy. That makes it a lot more difficult to be a Christian rapper. Needless to explain, you have to ‘walk your talk’. You faith should be mirrored in your music, your performances, and your entire being (even if you are in public). This is something that according to his critics Lecrae did not fulfill. In an article published by CT (Christianity Today), it seems that the rapper does not really internalize the course of his faith.

“Throughout his career, Lecrae has resisted the label of Christian rapper, instead considering himself, a rapper who happens to be Christian.” (CT, posted 2/5/2015 11:39 am).

For the view of many believers, an idea such as this is something that real Christians will dare to practice.

To conclude, it is still up to you to dig deeper about him and decide if he real deserves to be coined as the best Christian rapper.

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