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Chris Tomlin Artist Bio

A successful songwriter and singer who is considered to be one of the top artists in Contemporary Christian Music is hidden in the name Chris Tomlin. This talented man was able to launch an album in 2005 that already sold for more 500, 000 copies in different part of the world with his composed songs entitled, How Great is Our God and Holy is the Lord. These songs are simply the best and highly popular Contemporary Christian songs in all Christian churches during their worship services and even concerts of Christian activities or events.

Chris Tomlin Christian Music Artist grew up in listening to different country music and was able to learn playing guitar from his beloved father. When he reached the age of 9, he accepted Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior that leads him to use his talent to give honor to his God. With his great passion in serving God and skills as well, he was able to write a praise song at the age of 14.

As he grew older, he decided to take up medicine but when heard his calling in bringing people closer to God, he dedicated his life and become an active member of a certain campus Christian group in his school known as Breakaway. Eventually, he became the worship leader of this campus group jut as when he attended series of bible study sessions with his discipler Louie Giglio, the leader of this Christian group where Chris Tomlin is engaged with.

The relationship of these servants of God become stronger when both of them lead the youth ministry camp that leads for Chris Tomlin Christian Music Artist to regularly perform praise songs for every event hosted by Giglio. This allows this artist to obtain countless of exposure to different Christians and even to unbelievers who will be led to Christ and for an eventual acceptance of Christ.

Chris Tomlin Christian Music Artist did not only become exposed in youth camps or even ministry works in a certain campus, but he also involved himself in different crusades as well as concerts with thousands of people attending. But, inspite of the popularity obtained by Chris Tomlin, he remained humble and still full of burning passion in leading people to Christ thru his amazing voice and moving song lyrics that will surely leave anyone crying while looking forward to experience more about the presence of God.

This man of God is a great inspiration to all especially for students who would also want to dedicate their life to God regardless of their age and limitations. Chris Tomlin Christian Music Artist gave up his life of becoming a doctor someday but he has taken the best path that every man can ever have, which is SERVING GOD. The fulfilment of his happiness is not solely reliant in whatever achievement he will obtain in life but it is the opportunity of leading more people closer to God and enjoys the eternal life God has prepared for them.

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