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Kirk Franklin Music Artist Bio

Kirk Franklin Christian Music Artist is known to be one of the brightest stars in this present age for contemporary kind of gospel music since the released of his debut album last 1993. His album spent for 100 weeks in consideration to the gospel charts that crosses over in the R&B list. It is also became the first ever gospel debut album that obtain platinum. With this kind of phenomenal success, it is not a wonder why some people consider him to be the Garth Brooks of Gospel. And despite of all the brouhaha and adulation, Kirk Franklin remained to be humble devout Christian while eschewing the title of entertainer. This is in favor in labelling oneself as a church boy.

The road taken by Franklin in achieving the peak of his success though quick, it is not a smooth sailing. He was abandoned by his mother without even knowing his father. He was reared thru his Auntie who is a deeply religious woman. She raised Franklin in a strict Baptist way that hone the values of this man into a man of faith and skilful being especially in music that contributed to where he is now.

When Kirk Franklin was four, his auntie enrolled him in piano lesson thru collecting aluminum bottles and cans. Well, the lesson is not a waste of money because of Franklin is a naturally born musician who can read as well as play thru his ear with the same facility. With such ability and talent, it is not a doubt that when he reached the age of 11he already become the leader of an adult choir of the Baptist church where he belongs. But despite of his auntie’s upbringing and involvement in church activities, he rebel during his teenage years that soon stop when one of his friends was accidentally shot and eventually died at the young age of 15.

When such incident happens, he started to align his life thru taking the right path. Kirk Franklin Christian Music Artist was able to compose, record, and conduct songs. For over the years he was able to engage with Kingdom Come movie as he worked with them in the sound track of such movie. Then, countless of songs from different albums were released that inspire different lives of people in terms of their personal relationship with their God.

Kirk Franklin Christian Music Artist also experienced touring in different places to sing for different church activities while promoting for his album. Many well-known people and even those who are in the music industry admire the talent of this man that goes beyond singing but giving an impactful message in the lives of people.

Franklin is also a living testimony that it is possible to obtain a quality life inspite of the loss of presence of parents and rebellious teenage years. He proves that as long as you repent and seek God in your life, you can still be the person God wants you to be.

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