Kutless Christian Rock Music Group

Kutless Christian Rock Music Group was formed in the year 1999 in Portland. Since the time of their band formation, they have already released countless of studio albums as well as 1 live album. At present, they have already sold for more than three million records in all part of the world. This Christian music group is specializing in melodic kind of hard rock. Their name was taken from the verse in Romans 6:23 making their group to have a biblical name.

This group is consists of guitarists (James Mead and Nick Departee), vocalist (Jon Micah Sumrall), drums (Jeff Gilbert), bassist (Dave Luetkenhoelter). Their albums are released thru BEC recordings, this is a company owned by “Tooth and Nail Records”. This Christian music group was able to tour with prominent artists that adds to their popularity.

At present, Kutless Christian Rock Music Group is touring with Newsboys for a Go tour. They have also the chance to be headline on “The Hearts of the Innocent Tour Powered by Suzuki in America”. It happened last year with Run Kid Run, Red, and Disciple. Kutless Christian Rock Music Group is known to be the first band that was sponsored by “Suzuki Motor Sports”.

This band was able to feature a song entitled “Tonight” on MTV2 and most of their songs are being played with hundreds of Christian radio stations and on TVU. The first single of the band known as “Run” holds a record for being the longest charting songs in the entire of history of Top 40 charts of R&R. the song of Kutless of with the title “All the Words” has been featured in one of the episode of TV Show Scrubs hit. This would simply show how popular this Christian band is to the point that they are able to appear in this different kinds of TV shows.

But despite of the popularity that Kutless Christian Rock Music Group has gained, they still remain humble and thankful of the blessings they receive from the God-given talents they have. And the best of everything that they have receive is the opportunity of serving God thru their talents while letting people feel inspired and amazed by their heartening music and soul inspiring lyrics from their songs inspite of the genre of music they prefer to play, sing, and offer to people  with their magnificent talent.

The song of Kutless Christian Rock Music Group is highly advisable to everyone who would like to experience a different sound of Christian song in melodic rock music. Anyone can really relate from this as they savour every single line from all their songs and enjoying the swift of melody to your ears that will capture your heart.

If you never experience listening and singing to the music of this Christian music group, maybe this is the time to check it out and be startled on how they will sway your soul with the quality of music and sound they create.

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